Webstorm 2017.1 苹果电脑

通过 | 八月 29, 2017

Webstorm 2017.1 Mac的洪流裂纹免费下载. WebStorm是最聪明的JavaScript IDE CSS和HTML编辑器Web开发, 在您的指尖. 通过文件,轻松浏览. 使用自动完成相关的代码中的一切. 收到通知的飞行代码中的问题. 与HTML标记或SQL一个JavaScript里面复杂的语言混合物? Check how a modern IDE such as WebStorm handles this.

Webstorm 2017.1 Mac的洪流裂纹免费下载

・Smart DOM-based autocompletion
・JavaScript Debugger
・Extended JavaScript Frameworks support
・HTML5 Support
・Zen Coding
・Language Mixing
・FTP and Remote Files Synchronization
・Spell Checker

在版本的新增功能 2017.1 建立 171.3780.79:
• Added support for such exciting technologies as Vue.js and Jest, brought more flexibility to code styles, improved React and Angular support, and so much more.

• Vue.js support: coding assistance for Vue template language; completion and automatic import for Vue components
• Jest integration: run Jest tests and see the results right in the IDE
• Support for Standard style and lots of new code style options: use of semicolons and trailing commas, quote style, sorting for imports, 和更多
• Imports for React components are added automatically
• Completion for modules in package.json; TSLint-powered quick-fixes; support for the Angular language service; new module dependency diagram; test status icons in the editor; emoji support in the editor