BA金融计算器临 2.0 对于Mac洪流

BA金融计算器Pro的最好的模拟为Mac德州仪器BA II完整版加上金融计算器.

建具有相同的算法和原始的公式, BA金融计算器Pro提供完全相同的功能和操作顺序, 与更好的用户体验. 正如原来的BA II加, this app comes with easier natural input than RPN used by other financial calculator apps, including HP 12C.

★ Features include:

• Time Value of Money calculations.

• Amortization schedules.

• Cash flow analysis, 净现值 (NPV), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

• Mortgage and Loan calculations.

• Depreciation with four different methodologies.

• Breakeven, Profit, and Percent difference calculations.

• Bond prices and yields “to maturity” or “to call” calculations.

• Statistical analysis.

• 10 Memories for storage.

• Choice of Chain and Algebraic Operating System methods.

• Scientific capabilities, including log, sin, cos etc.

• Clean, Shining User Interface.

• More

★ Support

Feel free to contact us through our support forum at our