Calinsight 1.0.1 對於Mac洪流

快速地管理從日曆菜單欄中的事件和提醒. 完成活動和已完成的提醒顯示在圖表,有助於創造一個有效的管理計劃. 它與iCloud的同步,並與多個日曆設置工作, 如谷歌帳戶實時.

• Show quick calendar from the menu bar
• Easily Create, Edit or Delete events
• Easily Create, Edit, Complete/Incomplete or Delete reminders
• Shows finished events and completed reminders in a daily,weekly,monthly or yearly graph
• Manage the visibility of the calendars
• Manage the visibility of complete reminders
• Sync with OS X account and calendar settings in real time.