Christmas kaadi Ẹlẹda 2.1.1 Fun Mac Torrent

Ṣe ọnà rẹ ni Christmas Card ara rẹ ni jinna. Fẹ lati ṣe diẹ ninu awọn pataki lori awọn kaadi fun ore re sugbon ko dara ni PS, o le yan awọn rorun kaadi fun keresimesi lati ṣẹda ọkan ati wole o. Awọn rorun kaadi ni o ni nipa 24 templates with beautiful background and you can drag the picture to the frames and relocated them with your imagination and sense of beauty to create a wonderful and a unique Christmas card for your friends.

** Part 2 **

Use Christmas Cards Maker to:

– Turn photo to card so easily
– DIY Christmas card
– Make a Christmas gift

The functions:

– About 24 templates for Christmas and more themes will be added.
– The frames can be relocated and rotated to get the best effect.
– The output resolution up to 2048 *1536.
– Can Edit the photos and adjust the content in the frame on the right side.

Easy to use:

1 Add pictures (supporting most PIC files)
click “add photo” to add photos or drag the pictures to the list

2 Choose template and edit
shift to the template list to choose the favarite one
drag photo from the list the frames on the template and you can move or edit the photo on the right to adjust the content showing on the frame.

3 Choose the size and file format then click “export” to get the card

Need only to drag some photos, you can DIY one wonderful Christmas Card. Have you prepared for your friends and family?