Adobe Animate CC 2017 16.1.0 Мак

Adobe Animate CC 2017 16.1.0 Mac Torrent Crack Завантажити. Animate CC 2017 (was Flash CC) lets you share work directly from within the application and get access to new features the moment they’re released. Your entire creative world, together in one place. Work faster than ever before with a 64-bit architecture, a new streamlined user interface, and more connected tools. Create HTML content and export high-definition video and audio.

Adobe Animate CC 2017 16.1.0 Mac Torrent Crack Завантажити
Animate CC 2017 є частиною Creative Cloud. Це означає, що у вас є доступ до всіх останніх оновлень і майбутнім релізи момент вони доступні. You can use Save to Cloud to keep your files organized across multiple computers. And Creative Cloud is integrated with Behance, так що ви можете поділитися своїми проектами і отримати негайну зворотний зв'язок від оголошень по всьому світу.
Що нового у версії 16.1.0 (2017):
・Better viewing with HiDPI support on Windows OS – Animate CC automatically optimizes your settings for HiDPI monitors and lets you view icons and text in ultra-sharp detail with more pixels displayed on your screen.
・Frame-Picker Enhancements – The enhanced Frame Picker panel offers a Create Keyframe check box that allows automatic creation of Keyframes when selecting a frame in the Frame Picker panel. також, Animate offers filtering options for the frames listed in the panel. You can choose to filter by:
・All frames
・Only keyframes
・Only frames with labels
・You can set the looping option of Graphic symbols from within the Frame Picker panel.
・Pasteboard Color – In previous Animate releases, the Pasteboard colors were fixed based on the User Interface theme. From this release onwards, you can have the pasteboard same as that of Stage color to provide you an infinite canvas to work with.
・Support for adding global and third-party scripts – Animators often utilize JavaScript code that is applicable to the entire animation. Before the usage of global and third party scripts, you could not set up global variables or scripts that are applied to the entire animation from within Animate. From this release onwards, you can add global scripts that are not frame specific.

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