VolumeShaper 4 VST MacのAU

によって | 九月 16, 2017

VolumeShaper 4 AU、VST Macのトレントクラック無料ダウンロード. VolumeShaperは、任意のオーディオ信号のレベルを整形し、自動化するためのプラグインです. 署名から極端なゲーティングに影響をポンプ, テンポに同期するスタッターから正確なサンプル整形へ, VolumeShaperは、ボリュームへの視覚的なアプローチで創造的な音楽的効果の富を提供します.

VolumeShaper 4 AU、VST Macのトレントクラック無料ダウンロード

バージョンの新 3: A precise oscilloscope for helpful visual control, plus an option to trigger the LFO via MIDI notes.

Fresh Approach to Volume
Whether you’re composing or mixing, VolumeShaper gives you a creative, intuitive way to shape level. Some examples of what you can do

The ducking effect
Essential for modern mixes, the well-known ducking/pumping effect of sidechain compression creates extra rhythmic drive and provides space for the kick drum in the mix. VolumeShaper gives you this same effect with absolute control — just draw the sound you want.

Define your audio loops
VolumeShaper’s new oscilloscope displays the incoming audio, helping you to precisely define audio levels. In a drum loop, regulate levels for snare and hi-hat etc with just a few clicks. Or edit unwanted notes out of a loop. From smooth bezier curves to hard cuts, you decide. Trance-gate
VolumeShaper makes it easy to draw smooth, musical curves. And if you prefer hard steps, you can do that, 余りに, for a trance-gate effect. Either synced with your host sequencer, synced to the frequency of the played note, or running freely at ranges from 0.02 Hz up to 5.24 kHzの.

Audio destruction
Run VolumeShaper’s LFO fast, up to the audible range, for punishing bit-crushing effects. Or set the LFO to the frequency of the MIDI notes that you play for ring modulation effects.

2 GHz Intel CPU
マックOS X 10.5 以降

Supported formats:
VST, TO, RTAS (Pro Toolsの 8 そして、高いです)
32- and 64-bit