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Deduplicator Per Mac Torrent

Simply paste your list into Deduplicator and hit ‘Find Duplicates’. Deduplicator will identify duplicate items and show them in a preview window. Hit ‘Remove Duplicates’ to proceed. Your list has now been deduplicated and contains only unique elements. To account for variation in capitalisation and spelling, you may wish to […]

Distributore Assistant LITE 1.0 Per Mac Torrent

Distributor Assistant for Kleeneze distributors is a very useful tool to stay organised and keep track of your retailing business. The core of your retailing business is your customer base. For that the following features are of great value: • Maintain a distributor To-Do-List using an activity scheduler. • Weekplanner: […]

Istruttore di guida Software 1.0 Per Mac Torrent

Proper management skills are required by both trading and services businesses. Driving Instructor Software centers one such services business, the driving schools. Designed specifically to be used for Mac (OS X), this special software can be used efficiently by owners of driving schools, their operators, managers and even independent instructors. […]

Deframe 2.1.2 Per Mac Torrent

Deframe helps you to maximize the value of your video assets by giving you an easy way to extract and repurpose the images and segments you need. Deframe is an essential tool for videographers, editorial production staff, corporate media professionals and everyone in-between. Guarda un breve video panoramica: Key […]

DjVu Converter 2.10 Per Mac Torrent

DjVu converter can help you convert DjVu files to PDF documents, extract text from djvu files, convert DjVu to popular image formats such as tiff, jpg, png, bmp, gif, tga, jp2, j2k, xpm, exr . ▶▶▶▶▶ DjVu to PDF, DjVu to Text, DjVu to Tiff, DjVu to JPG, DjVu to […]

Scaricare la consegna 1.0 Per Mac Torrent

Si tratta di un'applicazione eccellente sul trasporto di goccia di apprendimento. (L'acquisto di prodotti all'ingrosso) Che è necessario per qualsiasi attività commerciale (Vendita al dettaglio o online). La maggior parte delle persone vorrebbero cominciare da lì propria attività, ma non capiscono il trasporto e come acquistare i prodotti all'ingrosso a prezzi scontati cadere., Qual è trasporto di goccia? Far cadere […]

DjVu File Viewer 1.0 Per Mac Torrent

It is the fastest , most accurate and efficient reader to view DjVu documents (.djvu), it can convert DjVu documents to pdf and image documents (.jpg,png,bisticcio,bmp etc) with retaining the layout and formatting. I have been looking for a tool to view my Djvu file,but some are too expensive, and some […]

Droplock 1.0 Per Mac Torrent

I’ve gone through multiple encryption apps to get to one that is simple, easy and does the job. Most cannot get ouit of their own way or try to do way too much. If you need simple, effective file encryption, this is it. • Launch pricing! Get Droplock today for […]

DjVu Opener 1.1 Per Mac Torrent

DjVu Opener is a easy-to-use, efficient tool that lets you view DjVu files.It also can covert DjVu files to pdf and rtfd with retaining layouts etc. DjVu Opener is a useless application. I paid for it via Apple Store and it turned out that it does not work. Lost money, lost […]

Droplock Desktop 1.0 Per Mac Torrent

Mantenere il proprio file sicuro è facile con il Droplock. Dopo aver creato la password principale, semplicemente importare il file per proteggerlo. Quando è necessario accedere al file, è sufficiente inserire la password master e Droplock sarà decriptare il file prima di aprirlo con l'applicazione predefinita. *Note that some applications […]