Mac Cracked

DataGrys 3.4 Mac Torrent

DataGrys on kogum vahendeid hallata väikeettevõtted luues raamatud toodete, kliendid, ja ressursid, luua tellimusi, arvete ja kreeditarvete, haldamise müügivõimalusi, konkurentsi vaadata ja klienditoe taotlusi. See keskendub olulist teavet mitmete aspektide äri, ühendades need samas rakenduses. DataGrys […]

Diktofon 1.0.5 Mac Torrent

Lihtne audio diktaat taotluse. Hoidke kuuldava märkmeid meeldetuletusi või viide. Export salvestisi .wav faile, kinnitamiseks posti, üleslaadimiseks veebi või mängides iTunes. Retro stiil ja animeeritud kasutajaliidese, Diktofon on rõõm kasutada uuesti ja uuesti. Omadused: Unlimited salvestused. CD quality […]

Domeeni saadavuse kontroll 1.3 Mac Torrent

The Best Bulk Domain checker, for your Mac! You can not check domains in Bulk anymore with this app. Up until a couple of months ago I could bulk search 40k domains plus with this app it WAS great. Now when you put in more than a handfull of domain names […]

dikteerima + Connect Decrypter 1.1 Mac Torrent

Decrypt encrypted files from Dictate + Connect with just a double-click. You only need to enter the encryption password once, dikteerima + Connect Decrypter can save the password in your system keychain. Supports only Dictate + Connect GPG and Standard GPG encrypted files created by Dictate + Connect for iOS. […]

domeeni Manager 1.1.3 Mac Torrent

This application is primarily aimed at individuals and small businesses who want to keep track of their and their clients’ domains and hosting plans. You can also link these items to one another so it is immediately obvious which domain is owned by who, which hosting plan is subscribed by who, […]

Kuupäev Time Calc 1.2.2 Mac Torrent

This is the old outdated version of Date Time Calc. Please Click ‘more Apps by Tension Softwareand select Date Time Calc 2 for the latest full featured release. —————————————————————– Date Time Calc is a small utility able to calculate future and past dates using a given time interval from […]

Kuupäev Time Calc 2.2 Mac Torrent

Date Time Calc is an application to calculate future and past dates adding a date interval and to calculate date difference between two assigned date It is realised for business and technical user who are in need of calculation of date in a bullet proof way. Do you want to […]

DigInto Google Trends 1.0.2 Mac Torrent

DigInto for Google Trends is a great app for exploring top searches from Google. It lets you explore Google Trends inside a responsive application layout from where users can browse through different search topics. It has integrated some of the salient features which will give you a feeling of using […]

tehtud 1.0.1 Mac Torrent

Done is a amazing list-keeping todo app that very simple and easy to use.It will keep your life organized. This does everything what I need. Ainuke asi, mida ma tahan rõhutada, on see, kui ma uusimat versiooni, all of the lists just disappear and I had to […]

päev kava 1.0.4 Mac Torrent

Day Plan is an all-in-one app to plan your day. It empowers you to plan a perfect day and get things done very easily. The app interface is divided into dedicated sections where users can add specific entries like Todos, people to call, things to buy, Appointments etc. In this […]