Calendarique 2.0.1 Торрент Өсөн Mac

Календарь өсөн һәм үҙәгенә мөрәжәғәт Виджет меню.

Слайд үҙәгенә мөрәжәғәт ғына, айға алыу өсөн, теләһә ниндәй күҙәтеү. Тамға һәм категориялар туранан-тура ваҡиғалар напоминание өсөн һәр ай төҫлө.. No need to select specific date to see whether business or family events are scheduled or if it’s just a holiday reminder!

Calendarique has unified view showing both calendar events and reminders for the selected date.

Beautiful design exclusively for OS X Yosemite and El Capitan. Dark and light themes for status bar menu.

Calendarique is fully localized in English, Француз, Немец, Италия, Spanish and Russian.

– integration
– today’s date in the menu bar
– light and dark themes
– events statistics
– events and reminders search
– calendar’s color
– week numbers
– today widget
– reminders (todo/completed)

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